Hey there, are you interested to learn about some kid who is still living at home in his parents house? Yes?

Great, you’ve come to right place.

My name is Zach Shefska, and I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’m here to share what I learn day in and day out from growing a business.

Currently I’m part of the team at MarketSmart developing scalable, profitable and valuable solutions for nonprofit organizations. We have a few, and most of my time is spent learning about how we can help create more while also positioning our company in the competitive and cut-throat nonprofit technology sector. (Who knew supporting nonprofit organizations was so ruthless!)

I’ve been with MarketSmart for a few years now and have watched the company double revenues and grow substantially in that time. Being a part of this growth is quite fun.

I’ve dealt with some tragedy along the way, most notably the death of my mom, Suzanne after a two and half year struggle with metastatic lung cancer. That experience helped me mature from the “reckless college bro” into the reserved person I am today. Suzanne taught me more than she could have ever realized.

That’s a tiny bit about me and who I am. I’d be interested to learn about yourself. How did you end up here reading this? Send me a note at zach (at) shefska.com.

I’m looking forward to reading it.